2022 307 Film Festival


The 2022 307 Film Festival

LARAMIE – The 307 Film Festival is returning to Laramie for the fourth year.

The festival runs from 10 AM to 8 PM on August 27th and 10 AM to 6PM on August 28th. It is being held at the Studio City at the UW Plaza, 2433 Grand Avenue, Laramie.

Despite being shortened in 2021 due to pandemic uncertainty, the festival is returning to its original state as a two-day event created to replace the state-sponsored short film festival after it was permanently canceled. 

Dozens of films from across the state, country, and internationally will be presented for public viewing while being critiqued and scored by a panel of judges. A wide array of genres are featured, including science fiction, romance, comedy, and horror. 

Through previous years, the festival has grown in popularity, attracting filmmakers from all over the globe as they embrace the opportunity to share their art with those around them and receive advice from experts of the field. 

A particular emphasis is placed on celebrating Wyoming films and filmmakers, with two of the prize categories being dedicated solely to local artists. 

Nid Collins, the director of the 307 Film Festival, plans on eventually expanding the event to four days, doubling the opportunities for films to be shown and attracting a larger audience to bolster Laramie’s tourism.

The festival has received glowing reviews from filmmakers and audience alike and is on a path to becoming an even larger event to attract festival goers as well as creatives.

He has a particular passion for reaching the filmmakers of Wyoming, saying, “We want to get all of the Wyoming filmmakers to come out from wherever they’re hiding and start making and submitting films again. That’s our vision, that’s our goal, that’s what we want to do.”

Tickets are available at https://307filmfestival.com/shop/.


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