A look behind the lens with Pure Mountain Photography

For local photographer Kayla Gregory, capturing a photo is more than just a click of a button to record a moment – it’s a process that captures a whole story. Recently opened Pure Mountain Photography is a project passion of love. “I like to capture families in their own little element, get the fun, playful side of them. Show connection and love through my work,” said Gregory. “I love my family and want others to see how they love their family.”

Process has been important to Gregory since the beginning. As a high school transplant to a city from a small town, Gregory began taking photography classes in high school. Shooting on film and developing her own photos, she was able to find solace and cultivate her talents in the dark room. Though her photography is now digital, Gregory still places great care and respect in the entire process from inquiry to final photos. 

“Sometimes I wish I could show more of my before and after, because it’s beautiful, the whole process,” said Gregory. “Enjoying the family, the time I edit, sending out the galleries and when they see them, it’s pure joy and I love it.”

“Kids are my favorite. They see this world so much differently than we do, wo when I can get down at their level and be silly and fun and just goof around with a kid to see the world the way they do, it’s priceless,” said Gregory. “It just melts my heart.”

Behind the scenes during a shoot with Kayla Gregory.
Photo by: Nid Collins

In a world where posed photography is being ingested nearly constantly, Gregory specializes in meeting a child where they are at the moment. She recounts a particular photo session on a chilly morning when a mother expressed that her son didn’t want to leave his blanket. “Let’s just bring the blanket, I said. So he brought it and I got down at his eye level and said let’s take some photos with your blanket,” Gregory said. His excitement was contagious. “He was like Superman with that blanket. After the session was over and the edits were done, I sent the photo to mom and she said it’s her favorite photo. Something he loves in his own element, he got to be free.”

Photo courtesy of Pure Mountain Photography

“It’s true what they say,” said Gregory, “a photo can tell a thousand words. Photographs can tell stories, and I believe it’s something that freezes time. Once the photograph is taken, you can always look back. 

A professional photo can be a great virtue to shutterbug parents, believes Gregory. With home photography, you can forget who is behind the lens. “A lot of the time it’s a mom that’s taking photos of the families and kids growing up. When I go through my phone, I see so many photos of their dad with them, and the only times I see pictures of me with them is when I do a selfie. It’s just a quick snap, what I see in the mirror everyday. When I get my photos professionally done, I see myself how they see me, I see the beauty,” Gregory said. “The person always taking pictures can be lost, and it’s important to get that person in the photographs as well. We forget about ourselves, for sure.”

Photo courtesy of Pure Mountain Photography

Leveraging a beautiful downtown studio space with the ability to travel, Pure Mountain Photography is able to accommodate a wide gamut of photography needs. From newborn shots to the trendy cake smashes and milk baths, Gregory’s well setup studio can capture it all. Sessions can also be arranged in-home, or at an outdoors location of significance. For pricing, booking information, and portfolio, please visit the Pure Mountain Photography web page here, or Facebook page here

Photo courtesy of Pure Mountain Photography

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