A Slice of Laramie Can’t be Fooled

I need someone to tell me it’s too early to bring my sandals out of storage. I swear this happens every April; we get a couple nice sunny days in a row, and I lose my mind and somehow forget that there’s another snowstorm or two up Mother Nature’s sleeve.

My phone told me it was 66 degrees today when I went to the grocery store, so I happily hung my coat back on its hook and got in my car. My car’s thermometer, however, said it was only 48 degrees. At my kids’ school, they say “at 42 it’s up to you!” meaning the kids can choose to wear a coat or not if it’s warmer than 42 degrees. But for me? 48 degrees is a no-brainer, I’m wearing a coat. I spent the entire drive to Safeway (I say entire drive, but you all know it was only seven minutes because Laramie) looking back and forth between the dashboard and my phone, trying to figure out which device was lying to me. Luckily it was the car. It was warm and gorgeous for my entire minute and a half walk from the parking lot to the store. What a relief!

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