A Slice of Laramie Can’t Find Her Car

You may recall from some of my previous posts that I got a new-to-me car a few months ago, specifically a Toyota Camry. A Camry is a pretty small car, compared to the big tall Subaru I used to drive. And according to the Toyota dealership employee, it’s the most popular car in America (according to my dad, that means it’s the most boring car in America). There’s a lot of Camrys (Camries?) in Laramie, so I guess the dealership guy was right.

Now that I drive this small car that looks like a lot of other cars, I have lots of moments in parking lots where I can’t find my car. My heart always skips a little—did someone steal my car? And then I remember I live in Laramie, and statistically speaking, my car is much more likely to be hidden behind a giant truck than it is to be stolen.

So whenever I can’t find my car, I just walk towards the biggest truck I can see, and sure enough, my little car is usually hiding on the other side. Right where it belongs.

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