A Slice of Laramie Has Questions

I saw a map on Twitter that listed the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state. And do you know what they claimed Wyoming’s most popular side dish is? GRAVY.

First off, gravy is a topping, not a side dish. If you’re eating gravy as a side dish, I have some questions: One, how dare you? Two, seriously, how dare you? 

What are you people doing with your gravy? Putting it in a mug and drinking it with a straw? Letting it congeal and eating it with a spoon? I can’t come up with any more ways to eat gravy because I’m making myself sick.

At least we didn’t pick side salad as our favorite side dish like those freaks in Maine. If you’re eating side salad on Thanksgiving you’re doing it wrong. Green bean casserole was invented so you didn’t have to eat salad on Thanksgiving. Shoutout to the seven states who chose green bean casserole as their favorite side–you’re the real MVP. Except Texas, which I hate on principle because I’m from Alaska.

Guess how many states have rolls as their favorite side dish? Six. Six whole states couldn’t think of anything better to eat than the appetizer at every single Italian restaurant to ever exist.

Wyoming, we need to step up our side dish game and get creative. What’s unique to Wyoming that belongs on our Thanksgiving tables this year? Be warned: if you say Rocky Mountain Oysters I’m punting you to Colorado.

One thought on “A Slice of Laramie Has Questions”

  1. Patricia Hartley says:

    Sweet Potato Casserole. Whipped sweet potatoes with butter, milk, pumpkin spice and brown sugar, topped with dessert crisp crumble of butter, walnuts, flour, sugar, and tiny bits of chopped up marshmallow. Bake until top is browned and entire dish is hot.

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