A Slice of Laramie is Elevated

Did you know that the average elevation of the United States is only 2,500 feet? (I read it on the internet, so it has to be true.) And here we are in Laramie, living large at 7,200 feet. An interesting phenomenon that is easily observed is that water boils at a lower temperature at 7,200 feet than at sea level. Which means technically,  water should boil faster here. Someone needs to explain that to my stove, because it takes approximately 20 years to boil a pot of water in my kitchen.

I never bother to follow the high altitude baking instructions that come on boxes of cake mix because I like to live life dangerously. Plus, I read a science-y website with high altitude baking instructions that said to use less sugar when cooking at high altitudes. How am I supposed to survive living at 7200 feet without sugar? I’ll just stick to regular cooking, thank you.

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