A Slice of Laramie is ready for Spring

My kindergartener came home from school last Tuesday absolutely indignant. When I asked her why she was upset she said, “Because it was a holiday today and you didn’t tell me!”

Reader, I was completely baffled. I knew it wasn’t Valentine’s Day yet, and what other February holiday could she possibly be talking about? (Presidents’ Day doesn’t count, obviously.)

“It’s GROUNDHOG DAY, Mom!” She was very exasperated with me. It was cute. I think Groundhog Day is one of those things that you think is important as a child, but then completely forget about as an adult. Like quicksand, or the Bermuda Triangle.

Anyway, since my daughter reminded me that it was Groundhog Day, I went online and looked it up. Apparently the little rodent predicted six more weeks of winter this year. For some parts of the country, this is apparently a bad thing. Meanwhile, in Wyoming, we’re like, “Only six more weeks of winter? Woohoo!”

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