A Thanksgiving Message from the Laramie Animal Shelter

A message from the Laramie Animal Shelter:

“It’s the time of year where we all like to reflect and give thanks.  At the Laramie Animal Shelter, we have been very fortunate this year to have the support of our community.  We’d like to take a moment to thank people and businesses that have helped us out during the year.

First, we’d like to thank the community of Laramie.  We’ve had a great year despite the many challenges that our nation is currently facing, and we were able to continue to operate and find adoptable homes for our pets in need without notable interruption.  We have seen lots of regular folks dropping off donations outside our door through the course of the year and for that, we are grateful.  We’ve also gotten a goodly number of direct shipments of supplies and comfort items via Chewy and Amazon Wish List deliveries. 

We are beyond grateful for those folks that adopted a pet.  We have had wonderful adoption opportunities during this year and that is encouraging.  We hope all those folks found comfort and love with their new family members during this stressful time.

We’d like to thank the Laramie Animal Welfare Society for their assistance in a host of ways, be it helping us to find jobs for barn cats or helping fund spay/neuter procedures and other veterinary needs for animals sheltered in our facility.

We’d like to thank Black Dog Animal Rescue for their assistance with relocating dogs and cats into their adoption programs when the circumstances would benefit the animal in question.  They regularly help us with dogs and cats that would be more comfortable in a foster setting as they seek a permanent home.

We’d like to thank all the local veterinary hospitals and their staffs.  We work with all the clinics in town through the course of the year and we’d like to tip our hat to them for their assistance.  They are, in no particular order, Animal Health Center, Laramie All Pet, Alpine Animal Hospital, Gem City Veterinary Clinic and Healing Ways Veterinary.  We appreciate their expertise and the wonderful care they provide to the animals of our community.

We’d like to thank our volunteers.  While this year has presented challenges by way of social distancing and facilities restrictions that have impacted our volunteer program, we are still benefitting from regular volunteer assistance.  A host of dedicated folks gave freely of their time with generosity and an impressive amount of flexibility.

We would like to thank Windy City Pets and Whispering Winds Pet Crematory.  Robin and her team have helped us with donated items and social media opportunities.  They have also helped us provision some of the more exotic creatures we’ve seen this year.

We’d like to give a nod to those folks that help us get the word out about adoptable animals here at the shelter.  The Laramie Boomerang, Hits 106 Radio, UniWyo Federal Credit Union and This Is Laramie all help us out with free advertising of featured pets.  We’d also like to thank the various local businesses that have sponsored pets in the weekly Pick a Pal through the course of the year.

We hope this holiday gives YOU reasons to be thankful as well.  Happy Thanksgiving!”

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