Familiarizing Yourself with Dog Walking Laws in Laramie

A message from the Laramie Animal Shelter:

“City of Laramie ordinance requires that dog owners keep their dogs on a leash anytime they leave their property.  This ordinance is in effect city wide except for three designated off leash dog park areas.

Dog owners can familiarize themselves with the city limit boundaries by visiting https://gis.cityoflaramie.org/planning/.  When exploring this map, all areas inside the yellow line are inside the city limits. 

The Cirrus Sky park trail, the Laramie River Greenbelt and a good portion of the trails system at the East end of Willett are all within the city limits.  Dog owners exercising their dogs in these areas should be aware of the leash law and should always have their dogs on a physical leash.  Electronic collars and “voice control” are not compliant with the ordinance.

Around town, dogs should be on a leash when walking with their owners unless they are within one of the three designated dog park areas.  These areas are in the northeast corner of Optimist Park, on the north end of Depot Park and in a designated area at the Aragon Sports Complex.

Dog owners should also be prepared to clean up after their dog anytime they are exercising their dog off their own property.  City ordinance requires that a dog owner must have at the ready a “device or implement with which to remove dog feces and a container or implement to use in transporting the feces to a garbage or refuse disposal can”.  Long story short, dog owners need to be ready with “poop bags” and need to remove any filled bags to an appropriate receptacle.  Leaving a full bag on the edge of the sidewalk or on the side of the Greenbelt trail is not appropriate.

We hope folks continue to exercise and recreate with their canine companions through the winter.  We also hope that those folks are considerate in their travels.  Keeping Fido on a leash and picking up after him are not only required by law, they are just good, neighborly conduct.

Enjoy the trails despite the wind and dream of warmer, calmer days.  Happy dog walking to all.”

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