Feeding Laramie Valley Invites You to Food and Fun in the Park

Image used with permission from Ruby Novogrodsky

Feeding Laramie Valley is holding their annual Food and Fun in the Park event this Saturday, August 14th (see above poster for details). The Laramie community can join in the fun by playing games, eating the free provided lunch, dancing to live music, meeting llamas, and learning about the Feeding Laramie Valley programs. Feeding Laramie Vally strives to support families by helping them receive fresh produce and meals.

Photo used with permission from Ruby Novogrodsky

Community Outreach Program Assistant for Feeding Laramie Valley, Ruby Novogrodsky, says that this is the 7th annual Food and Fun in the Park.

“We are encouraging people to bring their own picnic blankets and spread around the park to enjoy the food, to be conscious of social distancing,” Novogrodsky explains. “We are also encouraging people to wear masks in crowded areas or while waiting to get their food.”

Photo used with permission from Ruby Novogrodsky

“It is an entirely free event, it is open to the public. We will have a quilt raffle there and tickets are $3 for one quilt, that is optional. There will be donation jars but we are not requesting that people donate,” says Novogrodsky

“We are going to have games, some for younger kids, some for older kids,” says Novogrodsky. “We are also going to have entertainment… Sharen Martinson from The Littlest Birds is going to play from 11:30 until 12:00 and Students from the UW Cowboy Country Swing Club will run a dance demonstration from 12:00 until 12:30.”

Photo used with permission from Ruby Novogrodsky

“The last purpose of the event is to sign people up for programs and raise awareness about our food sovereignty efforts in Albany County. We will have information booths so people can sign up for those things there.”

Photo used with permission from Ruby Novogrodsky

Novogrodsky shares what Feeding Laramie does for their community. “The idea behind Feeding Laramie Valley is that we are not a normal food bank. We help people in the long run so we call it food sovereignty, the idea that we try to help people get themselves in charge of their own food and food security. We have a lot of different programs we use…We run a program called Shares, which provides free bags of produce, providing fruits and vegetables for an entire household… A lot of times food banks and soup kitchens don’t have access to fresh produce. That’s such a big part of eating healthy, so we are trying to promote that by making it accessible to everyone.”

To learn more about Feeding Laramie Valley

visit: https://www.feedinglaramievalley.org/

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