Fresh Prince of Steaks: Offering Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks Across Wyoming

Marc Delquadro, the owner of the Fresh Prince of Steaks food truck, grew up in South Philadelphia and prides himself in the authenticity of his Philly cheesesteaks. Based out of Cody, Wyoming, the business started a year and half ago in a food tent and has recently graduated to a food truck that travels around Wyoming.

Photo used with permission of Marc Delquadro

“We sell authentic Philly cheesesteaks, made with steak, onions, and cheez whiz. A lot of people when they first hear cheez whiz they freak out, but it’s not the stuff from the spray can, it’s more the cheese when you were a kid you would put on broccoli,” Delquadro explains.

Besides the mouthwatering cheesesteaks, Fresh Prince of Steaks also sells crinkle cut house French fries with trailer made old bay seasoning. Meat, cheese, or both can be added to the house fries at a customer’s request.

Photo used with permission of Marc Delquadro

The food truck’s website describes their food as, “Chef’n up Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks on fresh Amoroso rolls straight from Philly stuffed with meat so tender you’d think Rocky Balboa tenderized it himself, mix’d all up with freshly grilled onions & smothered with classic cheez whiz.”

Delquadro explains how different parts of Philadelphia use different cheeses for their cheesesteaks. “Provolone is really a Jersey thing, a Philly thing is white American cheese, and then south Philly is the cheez whiz.”

Image used with permission of Marc Delquadro

The business is working on building their website in order to provide contactless ordering and pickup via fully online service. “I also have a text message service that people can sign up for,” Delquadro says. “Whenever we’re coming to your city, we send you a text.” If wanting to get schedule updates, customers can text 307-249-3577 with the name of their city. They will then get put on that cities’ list to receive reminders when the truck is in their area.

Photo used with permission of Marc Delquadro

Customers can also track the food truck on both their Facebook page at and on their website at

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