January is National Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog Month. It’s a month where dog folks are encouraged to dedicate some time and attention to teaching their dog new skills and brushing up on old skills each and every day.
There are a lot of good reasons to spend time every day actively working on skills with a companion dog.

1. It keeps those skills sharp.
2. It gives Fido an opportunity to use his brain instead of just his brawn.
3. It helps strengthen the bond between dog and owner.
4. It lets Fido succeed at something, which is great for confidence, interest in life, and his self esteem.
5. It helps Fido learn and maintain proper basic manners which will help him behave appropriately in public encounters.
6. It helps an owner be reminded of, and appreciate, the intelligence of man’s best friend.

You can get more information about training your companion dog at https://trainyourdogmonth.com/
Take some time today, and every day, to teach your dog a new skill or reinforce a skill he already knows. He’ll appreciate the opportunity to impress you and he’ll be better behaved for it. Training isn’t just for puppies!

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