Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Holiday Decorations

A message from the Laramie Animal Shelter:

“Holiday decorations are out on display.  As you show off your holiday cheer, here are some things to keep in mind to help keep Fluffy and Fido safe this holiday season:

  1. Be careful with those special holiday plants.  Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia can all make your pets ill.  While the issue may not be as deadly as often depicted, these plants, as well as many of the holiday lilies can make your pets quite ill.  Some cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, others can cause kidney failure.  It’s best to take advantage of the very realistic plastic or fabric options for your holiday plant displays.
  2. Candles are a part of many festivities during this time of year.  If you utilize candles in your holiday observances, remember to never leave them unattended.  If you have a candle in use, make sure it’s on a sturdy holder and a stable table surface.  If possible, consider some of the options that don’t have an open flame.  Always remember to put that candle out when you leave the room.  This will help you avoid burns to your pets and fires in your home.
  3. This is surely the season of lights.  Strings of lights are everywhere!  Be sure to keep wires and cords up out of the reach of your furry family members.  A curious pet chewing a cord could end up on the receiving end of a painful, possibly deadly electrical shock.  Also be mindful of battery-operated items.  Chewed or ingested batteries are a real danger and can cause chemical burns and gastrointestinal obstruction.
  4. Tinsel is an inexpensive, popular accessory for trees in many homes.  Just remember that tinsel is very attractive to pets and can be ingested causing an obstruction of the digestive system requiring surgery.  If you have curious pets, you might opt to skip this silver temptation.
  5. Christmas trees are very attractive to pets, especially felines.  Make sure your tree is securely mounted on a suitably stable tree stand.  This will help you avoid a mess, a possibly injury to your pet as the tree tips over and even the possibility of damages or accidental ingestion of the water provided for your tree.
  6. Consider the more fragile ornaments you display around your home.  Sparkly glass bobbles are a mainstay of the holiday.  These delicate globes and trinkets can easily break introducing the possibility of laceration or puncture.

A few basic precautions can help you keep your furry family members safe during this season of novel items and bountiful decorations.  If you take a few extra measures you can avoid stress, injury, illness and trips to the veterinary hospital.  Here’s hoping you have a safe and happy holiday season!”

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