Laramie’s Drag Queens Fighting for a Good Cause

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  The Laramie Railroad Depot is nestled on First Street right behind a row of businesses and next to the occasional Farmers Market. It’s a building famous for its rich Wyoming history and industrial architecture. But on June 26th the depot hosted a new kind of event;  A Draglesque show. 

The Stilettos, From Left: Ambrosia Beaverhausen, Temple Ceiling, and Oblivia D’Clueless

The festivities were just one part in Laramie’s Pridefest and featured resident troops from Laramie as well as a few special guests from Fort Collins and Casper. Together they put on an all inclusive, LGBTQ positive show that lasted well into the night. The show sold out within hours and crowds leaned fully into flashing lights, bass heavy song selections, and good fun. 

The Stilettos are a local group of drag queens formed nineteen years ago who have been hosting Drag Queen Bingo annually for the last nineteen years. Member Oblivia, Queen of the Clueless, explained that the troop formed following news that drag queens from Denver wouldn’t be able to make it to the event. “A few of us were lying around, and joking with one another and someone with us said “Y’all should do drag.” and so we did.”  

Temple Ceiling at Laramie Pride Drag Show

The event on June 26th was just one of the appearances The Stilettos have made around town. While their main event is Drag Queen Bingo, they also attend shows, parades, and occasions in Fort Collins, Casper, and surrounding areas. Recently they hosted Drag Queen Bingo on the Warren Airforce Base. 

“We did just recently have the opportunity to do Drag Queen Bingo on the Warren Airforce Base which was the first LGBTQ event ever to be held in the bases history.” Ambrosia Beaverhausen continued “at the end, a lot of people came up to us and thanked us for being brave and being out, they were service men, women, and it was incredible, families were there.” 

Oblivia D’Clueless performing at Laramie Pride Drag Show

While the troop travels, they also enjoy staying in Laramie where it all began years ago. Oblivia conveyed that the crowds here are always plentiful because there aren’t many events in Laramie that feature the drag and burlesque community, so when they are hosted, people want to be there. Temple Ceiling has family and friends attend most shows “Being from Laramie it’s fun to know people you’re preforming for. They appreciate it. That’s always fun, to perform for your friends and family.” 

The fun continues on October 23rd when the Stiletto’s host Drag Bingo at the Hilton Hotel. To keep up with the Queens and the work they do for WyoAids you can find them all on the social media below: 

Ambrosia Beaverhausen’s Instagram @respectthebeaver and their Facebook @Theonlybeaverhausen 

Oblivia Queen of the Clueless’s Instagram @Oblivia_dclueless and their Facebook: Oblivia Queen of D’Clueless 

Temple Ceiling’s Facebook is Temple Ceiling 

For more information about Drag Queen Bingo go to

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