Lemonade Day Stands List and QR code Announced

The Lemonade Day stands list and QR code to open up the lemonade stand map on your mobile device have been released (See below).

On August 13th, children aged between the first and sixth grades will have an opportunity to learn practical business skills during Lemonade Day. Any young entrepreneur seeking to learn how to start and run their own business will be coached through the process of opening and operating a lemonade stand.

The free event was created in 2019 to encourage and cultivate entrepreneurship among the young community members. The chairman of the event, Kent Wood, is also known for his roles as Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager at the First Interstate Bank in Laramie. He seeks to empower youth to be forward-thinking and productive members of society through the experience of Lemonade Day.

Each child is able to take 100% of their profits and decide the amounts that will be allocated to spending, saving, and giving to charity. 

“The Lemonade Day curriculum encourages them to spend some, save some, and share some: spend some on themselves for all their hard work; save some and open – or add to – a bank account; and share some with a charity, non-profit or cause in the Laramie community. Please take note that of our 2019 post-event survey participant responses, 100% donated some of their profits to a local non-profit. Outstanding!” said Wood.

Lemonade stand owners are able to choose their own business hours, with some opening at 9 AM and running until 5 PM. Usually, operating hours are between 11 AM and 3 PM, with locations scattered across the community. 

To ensure the event’s success, non-participating members of the community are highly encouraged to explore Laramie and support the young entrepreneurs. 

Visit lemonadeday.org/laramie for a full listing of all Lemonade Day participants and their locations, sponsors, and a photo gallery of past Laramie Lemonade Day events (under the “Learn More” – Media tab).

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