Little Snowy’s: Stop By for a Sweet Treat | Shelby Yarchin

As the temperature keeps rising into the upper 80’s in Laramie, it becomes even more important to find a good way to stay cool. Aside from shoving ice cubes into your pockets and making the occasional visit to the community pool, there aren’t many options to keep your core body heat down, but Brett and Sari Bingham are certainly fighting the rays of the sun with their new business: Little Snowy’s Snow Cones. 

Brett and Sari Bingham posing in front of “Little Snowy’s” Shot by Shelby Yarchin 

The couple opened up to the public earlier this week, both of them having called Laramie their home for years, Brett explained “I moved here when I was younger, but I’ve gone to elementary and high school here and just finished here at the college a little while ago. And then my Wife Sari. She is from Gillette. We met here, down at the university.” 

“We actually had some snow cones at our wedding. We thought they were delicious so we wanted to bring that idea back to Laramie and share with everyone else.” Brett explained with a smile as he looked over his creation, happily greeting any customers that wanted to get their hands on a freshly made snow cone to ward off the summer heat. 

Ralph Fawaz enjoying a Shaved Ice treat, Shot by Shelby Yarchin

They fitted a trailer with a shiny coat of baby blue paint and an expertly designed logo before creating masterful creations and sweet treats. They are currently located in the Murdoch’s parking lot from 1pm-7pm, but plan on expanding the business soon. “ As of right now we are focusing on the Murdoch’s parking Lot. We will eventually transition into moving around. We want to get into doing some events. We can do parties or catering for individuals if they want. We’re looking into doing some community events in the future.” 

Little Snowy’s Snow Cones are already a hit, and can be found easily on social media on Facebook at “Little Snowy’s” and on Instagram under the same name

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