Local Band Third Rail Takes On The Cowboy After Border Wars!

Are you looking for something to do after the UW dukes it out with CSU for the infamous boot? Cheyenne based Third Rail will hit the stage at the Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall to help all Wyoming Cowboy fans groove all night long.

Border War Party official flier.
Photo courtesy Casey James.

“The best way to describe what we play is a blend of red dirt county and 80’s/90’s outlaw country like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings… It’s all upbeat dancing music,” Jones said. “We’ve also taken a lot of our Wyoming roots and we have a strong influence from Chancey Williams since they are real good friends.”

The five man band includes Laramie, Saratoga and Cheyenne Natives and formed originally when a family friend needed someone to perform for a local street dance.

“A family friend needed someone to perform at a street dance. I met Bill Snow, our electric guitarist, from church and decided to do whatever we could to try to pull off the street dance and started putting things together,” said Casey Jones, Third Rail’s front man.

Third Rail’s official band picture.
Photo courtesy Casey James.

The five men have been performing together for the last year and a half.

“It’s just a good combination of talent and everybody’s just interested in having fun,” said Jones.

As well as country covers, Third Rail will sneak in some originals to play as well.

“It was one thing I wasn’t ready for, was how much I was going to love working on our own stuff together,” Jones said. “I’ll start with an original piece, but to play it and work on it as a group where everybody puts their 2 cents in is a whole creation process that has made performing with these guys absolutely surreal,” Jones said.

“I know Laramie likes to dance so this is a great chance for everyone to let their hair down and just come have a good time with us!”

So go cheer on your Cowboys and then head downtown to boot scoot and boogie and celebrate with Third Rail.

Third Rail takes the stage at 9pm win or lose!

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