November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

A message from the Laramie Animal Shelter:

“November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month.  It’s an annual event that encourages folks to consider the value and benefits of choosing a senior pet.

Here at the Laramie Animal Shelter we commonly hear visitors comment that they are keen to choose a puppy or a kitten.  Our facility is not out of the ordinary in that regard.  The average adopter is seeking a young pet.  These visitors often overlook the benefits of choosing a more mature companion animal for their home. 

Mature pets usually have the longest stays in animal shelters before they finally meet their match.  They often have a much more difficult time even getting inquiries from visitors, let alone adoption.

We’re here to let people know there are a host of benefits to selecting an older pet when making the decision to adopt. 

  1.  Senior pets are often calmer and more focused so they are often easier to teach new skills and behaviors.
  2. Many senior pets come already trained with very solid basic obedience skills under their belts.
  3. They have a more manageable energy level and will be less challenging to busy owners than a younger pet would be.
  4. They are less demanding and will frequently fit well in a variety of households.
  5. They may be less active and less vocal than younger pets so they may be well suited to apartments and homes without yard space.
  6. They are usually already house trained and well past any puppy chewing behaviors or rambunctious kitten patterns.
  7. Their personalities are firmly established so the pet you meet at the shelter is an open book for you to discover.  You won’t have any surprises as they reach adulthood.
  8. Adopting a senior pet is a particularly rewarding endeavor and many folks that commit to a senior pet find themselves repeating that choice for years to come.

Senior pets are usually the most challenging for our staff to find homes for.  In fact, adopters will often consider a younger pet with special needs or behavioral shortcomings over the senior pet.  This may turn out to be a choice they regret.  We’re here to say the senior pets are a spectacular choice. 

Contact the shelter if you are keen to add a senior pet to your life.  We can help guide you toward any candidates that might be the perfect match.”

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