Only in Laramie: Antelope at Midnight

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing animal droppings in my backyard as well as all over my neighborhood. While I am not very skilled in identifying animal droppings, I was guessing that deer or antelope were the culprits. For those living in the outskirts of Laramie, it can be pretty common to find wild animals wandering onto property, but I live pretty much smack in the middle of town so this was unusual.

The other night I was coming home very late from an event at the University. It was midnight, and as I turned the corner to my house, I spotted three antelope trotting down my street. The combination of streetlamps and the sparkling snow painted a majestic picture of these large, beautiful creatures. Only in Laramie do antelope tour the town at midnight!

Fun fact: Wyoming is home to roughly half the world’s population of pronghorn antelope, around 400,000. In comparison, the Wyoming human population is nearly 580,000.

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