Supporting Laramie Animal Shelter

Folks always ask what the shelter needs by way of support. We have a
very supportive and generous community. Folks think of the pets in the
shelter often and we have some very regular donors of comfort items.
That being said, we are currently low on canned cat food and canned dog
food. Our dry kibble “maintenance diet” is provided via budget in order that we can provide a stable and consistent diet to pets that might be here for a longer stay awaiting adoption. We do use canned foods as a treat and as a way to help finicky pets or shy pets to be sure to consume enough food as they adjust to shelter life.

We have an Amazon wish list for folks that might be interested. You can
find it by searching for the Laramie Animal Shelter. We keep our selection
of canned food affordable for supporters…we stick to Pedigree for dogs
and Friskies for cats. Any flavor will work. For the canned cat food we do
try to steer folks to the “pate” variety because we find that when we offer
the shelter kitties “cuts and gravy, filets or shreds” they lick off the gravy
and leave the actual food behind. Pate gets eaten.

If you are interested in supporting the shelter and helping a sheltered
animal be more comfortable during their stay, consider dropping a few cans in the cart the next time you visit the grocery or big box. If you choose to order from Amazon you can have the items shipped to the Laramie Police Department at 620 Plaza Court, Laramie, WY 82070.

We appreciate the kind thoughts throughout the year. We are always
grateful to see someone arrive with cans or a case of tasty comfort food for
our pets. It helps us help them feel better as they wait to meet their match.

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