Welcoming in the New Year with National Walk Your Pet Month

A message from the Laramie Animal Shelter:

“January is National Walk Your Pet Month.  We challenge you to commit to walking your pet every day this month, sunny skies or snow.  You can do it!

Preparation is the key.  Have layers of warm clothes at the ready.  Hat, gloves, good layered clothing options and of course, shoes with some good traction.  Consider the same for Fido.  Maybe a jacket or sweater for colder mornings or later evening walks.  Some foot protection might be in order as well.  This will help with snow and ice as well as ice melt products that can cause Fido difficulty.

A sturdy leash is always a must.  There is a leash law throughout Laramie.  Unless you are in one of three designated dog exercise parks in the city parks system, a physical leash is required. 

Don’t forget the poopy bags for those outings where Fido decides he has to go. 

Once you have all your preparations in line, plan for the best route.  Consider temperatures and wind exposure in your planning.  If it’s a windy day, a walk in a residential area may afford you some wind breaks when the Laramie River Greenbelt trail or the Cirrus path may not.

 Keeping up on exercise will help everyone defeat any winter blues they might experience.  Fresh air and exercise are good for everyone, man and dog alike.  Keeping fit and active through winter will also help you avoid the need for you or Fido to shed extra pounds come spring.

Get out there and enjoy the company of your best friend on the trail and use that time to de-stress and recreate.  Your spirit and your dog will both thank you.”

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