A Slice of Laramie Says Goodbye

Today is my last Slice of Laramie post. It’s been fun thinking about all the things that make Laramie special, weird, and funny. Some of my favorite past posts:

The joy of hearing the mosquito fogging truck: https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsLaramie/photos/a.938535406224402/2328813883863207/

My Favorite Things song parody: http://thisislaramie.com/a-slice-of-laramie-the-musical/?fbclid=IwAR14WEn6NMt2PUsu176YYU1LYrAp_0j3WThPDhxi9KL0PfkkTqbRVtKoasE

A Thanksgiving Rant: http://thisislaramie.com/a-slice-of-laramie-has-questions/

An Only-in Wyoming COVID Test: http://thisislaramie.com/a-slice-of-laramie-gets-swabbed/

My Best Wyoming Memes: http://thisislaramie.com/a-slice-of-laramie-made-some-memes/

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